So today I diverge a bit into a topic that I find interesting…food. But in this case, I am thinking about “non-traditional” food, at least by US standards…ants, and bugs, and worms, oh my.

I recently read an article in Psychology Today that discussed eating various insects and how culture influences food choices. I also read a book Anything That Moves that chronicled several such “interesting” food “trends” in the US. I must admit that the chapter on balut, a developing duck embryo (i.e. fertilized duck egg) that is boiled and eaten in the shell, typically in Southeast Asian countries, made me nauseous. Click here only at your own risk.

According to the Psychology Today article, insects typically have more protein than traditional meat such as beef and insects are more sustainable, needing less land and water to produce. (Are you sold on eating insects yet?) However we view insects as dirty, to be eaten in only the most primitive of circumstances. Interesting that we eat shrimp yet shrimp are the “garbage disposals” of the ocean.

I have to admit, that while in South Africa, I had two opportunities to try the Mopani worm, a large edible caterpillar. While I had no problem cage diving with Great White sharks, I just could not manage to try the worm. It looked nasty and let’s face it, eating is a visual experience.

Yet, I had sushi just last evening and while sushi has been popular in Japan for centuries, the first sushi restaurant in the US did not appear until the 1960’s, as it was unthinkable to eat raw fish. Food for thought I suppose.

Comment below to share the most daring thing that you have eaten.