School is out and you have your lovable hellions home for 3 months. Under your feet, not a moment of peace, “I’m bored” every three minutes…this is not how you want to spend the summer. Here are some tips to keep them active and engaged and not spending hours at a time in front of the television, computer, or iPad.

1. Get outside. Take a walk, go to the park, play in a sprinkler. After all, parents want sun and warmth too, so take advantage.

2. Do not miss free, family-friendly events. The farmer’s market, movies or concerts in the park, carnivals, parades. Print out a list and put it on your refrigerator.

3. Have some ideas for art projects or crafts. This is the one time that I will say Pinterest and all those “crafty mom” posts will be a lifesaver.

4. Multipurpose. Go to a local farm and pick berries, then make a pie the next day, and then the next day visit with a friend and take a slice (hint, hint…to all my friends with kids). This will help your kids have something to look forward to.

5. Volunteer. Extra free time means it could be a good time to give back. Explore opportunities that are available to children such as visiting the elderly in a nursing home.

Go ahead and comment with your ideas. Now let’s get out there and enjoy summer!