It seems as if summer just begun yet the new school year is fast approaching. In fact, a few schools have already started, so I’m a little late with this post…I think I’m in denial of summer ending!

All children, and parents alike, have questions about the new year and have feelings of excitement and trepidation. Here are some tips to ease the transition for both you and your child.

1. Make it Fun: Allow your child to go back-to-school shopping with you. Make it special parent-child time. Encourage them to talk about their thoughts and feelings and allow them to choose some of their supplies to build their enthusiasm.

2. Get acclimated: Especially if this is your child’s first time at school or if they are starting a new school, make sure to take advantage of any open houses or orientations. This allows them to get a lay of the land in terms of where their classroom will be, meet their teacher, etc. Any preparation like this can greatly diminish first day anxiety.

3. Bedtime: Your child will not be able to wake for school at 6am if they are accustomed to waking at 9am. So try to alter their sleep schedule at least one week, if not more, in advance.

4. Routine: Try to have a routine in place from day one. This includes homework time, dinner time, play time and bed time. Your children may not have lots of homework on the first day but you can use that time for an activity such as reading together. It’s much harder to alter a routine than it is to set one up from the beginning.

5. Relax: Make sure you have plenty of free time the weekend before school begins and during the first week of school. You’ll want time to pick up those last minute school supplies that you didn’t even know were needed. You’ll want time to sit down, talk and listen to your child. You’ll also want time to just take a moment for yourself and relax. So, don’t worry about dinner, order delivery and just focus on family time.

I’m wishing everyone a good start to the school year!