About two weeks ago, I opened my freezer and a bottle that I had on top of the fridge dropped straight down onto my foot. Trust me, it was ridiculously painful. The good news is that the bottle did not break. But, my middle toe ended up black and blue and swollen. Although it is healing, it is still bruised and tender. Now, what is the point of this…shoes. Yes, shoes.

I have not been able to wear any of my heels or even my flats, only my Ugg boots (it’s too cold here in Chicago to wear flip-flops). So, this means as well that I can not wear any skirts because I can not wear boots with them and I really do not want to freeze. I can only wear a few pairs of my pants as most of my pants are tailored for heels (because I do love heels) and if I wear them with flats I will walk on the hem and ruin them. I know, I know…first world problems. Yet it is true. I have been going to work daily in my dress pants and Ugg boots, looking oh so cool and professional.

Bear with me, these ramblings have a point. It has got me to thinking what women have to think about in terms of physical appearance versus men. Let’s take a look at a few thoughts:

1. Pants. If a woman likes to wear flats and heels, then she needs two pairs of pants, one tailored for each. One pair of jeans to wear with heels. One pair of jeans to wear with flats. This is really important. Wear pants that are tailored for heels with flats and they are too short. Wear pants that are tailored for flats with heels and you are stepping on the hem. Yup, one reason we have more clothes than men.

2. Make-Up. Even a minimal routine can take 5-10 minutes. That is an hour a week of time. And what about the expense…foundation, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow (multiple colors), mascara, powder, lipstick (multiple colors), and all the other bells and whistles.

3. Hair. A good hair cut can make all the difference in appearance. I recently chopped about 6 inches off and went short. Everyone, even random acquaintances, have commented on how I am no longer “hiding behind” my long hair and how the short do brings out my features. And what about color…highlights, covering gray. I grayed early, it is genetic (thanks dad!). So I have been dying my hair fully since my late 20’s. It takes hours every few weeks. And again, the expense. Although my stylist has become a good friend of mine.

4. The other hair. Leg hair, underarm hair, hair down there, facial hair. We do not need to elaborate any further yet all that tweezing, shaving, and waxing takes time and money.

5. Nails. Manicures and pedicures to avoid raggedy cuticles and calloused heals. Again, time and expense. Thankfully the neighborhood nail saloon where I go is BYOB, so I can at least enjoy an after work cocktail while beautifying.

Of course, women do not have to wear heels, or wear make-up, or shave, or whatever. It is each person’s individual choice, although we can not ignore societal factors. Me, I am not complaining. I like the confidence of a new haircut or looking killer in a new dress (yes, confidence has to come from the inside as well). And I am counting down the days until I can wear my heels again!

Have some thoughts that I missed? Comment below. Just remember this is not a post discussing societal expectations of and influence on women and girls. This is just my musings about a broken (possibly) toe.