This weekend, I attended a discussion with Lin-Manuel Miranda (in case you have been hiding under a rock…he’s the genius behind Hamilton: An American Musical). During the Q & A, the moderator Chris Jones asked something to the effect of why choose Chicago as the launch of Hamilton outside of NYC.

Miranda turned seriously to the audience and asked, “What’s with your complex.” He basically said that he was asked the same question in all his numerous interviews leading up to the Chicago opening. He went on to praise the Chicago theater community and ended with, “Where else would we go.”

It is like Chicago is the kid saying, “awe shucks you picked me” instead of saying “darn right, we deserve it.”

Do you find yourself having that same moment?

Here are some tips to kick that inferiority complex out the door.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others: There may well be others more qualified than you or more deserving than you. YET, that does not demean your qualifications or your worthiness. Comparing ourselves to others is exactly that, a comparison and it naturally leads to self-criticism. If you focus on yourself, you will be more likely to see your strengths.


2. Change your self-talk: This is easier said than done, nonetheless it is paramount. How would you talk to a friend or your child? Now, talk to yourself in that manner. Unfortunately, we are often the biggest bully to ourselves. Be kind, be generous, be supportive of your awesome self.


3. Go for it: Never let fear stop you. Fear of failure or embarrassment can be crippling. Yet failure or embarrassment will not kill you (unless you are skydiving and you fail to open your parachute but I think that goes without saying). You will never succeed if you do not try. Step outside of your comfort zone. Be your own cheerleader and surround yourself with others who cheer for you. Then take a deep breath and take the next step.


I wish you well because you are worthy. Need help building your confidence. Contact me here.