Yes, today I am going to talk about poop. Literally. Have you seen the Barbie Potty Training Taffy doll? You read that right. Barbie feeds her dog Taffy. Taffy poops. And Barbie has a poop scooper to clean it up. Why would Mattel make such a doll you ask. And who would buy such a doll. I can’t answer the first question but I can tell you that one four and a half year old girl was not only excited to get the doll for Easter but actually asked for it and her crazy aunt bought it. Let me tell you a little story about poop.

My niece loves my dog Elli. When my niece was about three and visited me in Chicago, she asked to walk Elli. Now Elli being a pug, she is just the right dog for a young child to walk. She is super friendly and she dawdles, sniffs everything, rolls around…I’m talking about the dog, not my niece. Well, in order to walk Elli, we had a few simple rules. 1. Hold tightly to the leash. 2. You must ask if a dog is friendly before Elli can greet them. Just like you have to ask before petting a dog. 3. You must pick up the poop. You can imagine how well #3 was received. My niece did not hesitate. She just replied with a disgusted “no.”

It was hilarious and it became a joke. We would ask my niece if she was going to walk Elli when she saw her and she would respond “yes.” Then we would ask if she would pick up Elli’s poop and she would respond “no.” Although we were teasing her, the fact is that a responsible dog owner picks up the poop. No one wants to step in that shit.

After a while, when asked if she would pick up the poop, my niece would contemplate for a few seconds and then respond with a long, drawn-out, silly “no.” This was even funnier to see her thinking about it. Now, although she has yet to see Elli and have the opportunity to follow through, my niece confirms that she will pick up the poop and she will tell you that is what you have to do when you walk the dog.

Score…I have my very own poop scooper! And my niece has a new Barbie 😉



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