10 Jokes About Psychotherapy

We all could use a good laugh at times...remember humor can be the best therapy. So why not highlight some great jokes about therapists. Enjoy! 1. How many psychotherapists does it take to change a light bulb? - None, the light bulb will change itself when it’s ready. - Just one: as long as the light [...]

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3 Hidden Tricks To Make A Good First Impression

I was recently reading a Psychology Today article about first impressions. Whether on a first date or a job interview, we know the obvious such as dress well, smile, make eye contact, etc. Yet this article went on to discuss research findings that may not be so obvious, particularly ways that our environment can affect how [...]

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Raising Money Savvy Kids

So, Hamilton will remain our “ten dollar founding father” and Harriet Tubman will be on the $20. Seems like a good week to talk about money...Oh, I made a rhyme! ;) “Mom, I want (insert item du jour).” How many times have you heard this? How do you respond? How do you teach kids that money [...]

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Pump It Up Blew It With Their Gender Stereotype

  If you have children, you are most likely familiar with Pump It Up, a popular destination for birthday parties with its’ inflatable indoor playgrounds. This post is not a diatribe against Pump It Up. Kids do love it. Rather, I want to continue the dialogue of the importance of encouraging children in all their interests [...]

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The Hidden Impact Of The Gender Pay Gap

Today is Equal Pay Day, the day that symbolizes how far into the current year that women, on average need to work to make what men made in the previous year. Equal pay seems like a no-brainer. Why should someone be paid less for the same job solely based on gender? As it turns out, there [...]

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The Target Phenomenon: How Psychology Affects Our Finances

    You know the “Target phenomenon” that is when you go into Target intending to purchase 3 items and walk out with several bags full. One of the reasons that I love psychology is that how we think and feel impacts every area of life including how we spend money. If you are looking to [...]

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