Defiance In Children And Teens: Who’s The Boss

No, we are not talking about that 80's sitcom, although that was one of my favorites. Rather, we are talking about your home. Many times, I see parents seeking help because their children just do not seem to listen to them. Now, this issue could have a myriad of root causes but one that occurs all [...]

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Preventing Reckless Behavior In Teens

Every parent fears the teenage years...rebellion, the increase of peer influence, sexual development, and separating from parents. Well, the bad news is that these things will happen no matter what, as identify formation is the psychological task of the teen years. Yet the good news is that parents do have great influence over their teen's choices. [...]

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Sleep: It’s Important And NU Knows It

I was watching college football this weekend. Go Cats! The sportscasters noted that Coach Fitzgerald has his team wear monitors that track their amount and quality of sleep. I remember last year the joke going around that Coach made his team take Cat naps in prep for night games. Northwestern is the only school using this [...]

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Promoting Tech-Free Time

We are in the middle of summer...at least by the calendar. Although lately, it has felt quite like fall here in Chicago. Over the past several weeks, I have had a few parents call me for guidance on how to handle that their child or teen seems to be spending a great deal of time on [...]

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