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Raising Money Savvy Kids

So, Hamilton will remain our “ten dollar founding father” and Harriet Tubman will be on the $20. Seems like a good week to talk about money...Oh, I made a rhyme! ;) “Mom, I want (insert item du jour).” How many times have you heard this? How do you respond? How do you teach kids that money [...]

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Sustainability Strategies For Your Family: Being Green Is Not As Hard As Kermit Would Have You Believe

I recently attended a talk with Karen Weigert, former Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Chicago. Yes, Chicago has a Go Green office and our city is actually doing some great things. (Click here for Chicago's green initiatives.) One of the questions for Karen was how to involve children in the process of enhancing sustainable [...]

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The Demise Of The Queen Bee

For years, teachers, parents, and after school specials have tried to encourage kids that being “cool” might not be so cool at all, that aspiring to be the Queen Bee or Homecoming King is a wasteful endeavor. Really though isn’t this just out-of-touch adults trying to make kids feel better about themselves because what teenager does [...]

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Stop The Extravagance: Making Birthdays Mean More

How did children's birthdays become the battle of extravagance? What ever happened to a good old fashioned pool party at the local park? How did it become the norm to bring gourmet cupcakes to school? What happened to the homemade ones or at least the ones from the local grocery store. Having a summer birthday, I [...]

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Lions, And Tigers, And Boys In Skirts…Oh My!

Did you hear about the 5-year old boy in the UK who was banned from an after school group for wearing princess dresses? You can read the article here. Apparently the other kids were uncomfortable, although based upon the article, that is debatable. His parents were told that he could return to the group if he [...]

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