Sleep: It’s Important And NU Knows It

I was watching college football this weekend. Go Cats! The sportscasters noted that Coach Fitzgerald has his team wear monitors that track their amount and quality of sleep. I remember last year the joke going around that Coach made his team take Cat naps in prep for night games. Northwestern is the only school using this [...]

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Live The “Good Life” By Doing Not Having

I recently returned from Italy, traveling with my mom, her first time outside of the US, Canada or the Carribean. Needless to say, it was an amazing vacation. I love to travel, always have. It is truly my passion. Thankfully, my mom had a blast as well. And it got me to thinking about what truly [...]

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The Benefits Of Mixed Emotions

"Emotional ambiguity can be difficult in the moment, but embracing it over time reaps greater rewards than a blanket "think positive" approach. Negative experiences are inevitable, and a coping strategy that accommodates nuance can mitigate the psychological damage of sadness and help people find meaning and value in life - even at the worst times." Friedman, [...]

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