Letting Your Kids Sell Themselves

Okay, I realize I could have worded that title differently. But give me a break…it’s hard to think of a catchy, attention grabbing title every week. So yes, you should let your kids sell themselves and by that I mean letting them sell the cookies, and popcorn, and candy, and all that jazz that parents know [...]

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Inattention In Children: ADHD Or Something Else

I posted this blog previously on another site but I think the information is quite relevant, so I want to post here as well. I recently completed a mental health assessment for a child that was referred by their school for an ADHD assessment due to attention difficulties. As it turned out, they demonstrated only mild [...]

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Tips To Help Children Deal With Bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Most people have been teased at some point in their lives, so what is the difference between teasing and bullying and what is the big deal? When the teasing is meant to be harmful, becomes repetitive and begins to have a negative impact on the person being teased, it crosses [...]

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Preparing Kids For Back To School

It seems as if summer just begun yet the new school year is fast approaching. In fact, a few schools have already started, so I'm a little late with this post...I think I'm in denial of summer ending! All children, and parents alike, have questions about the new year and have feelings of excitement and trepidation. [...]

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When Pressure Can Backfire

High school final examinations have just passed and a client was recently talking about his experience. Previously, he was a perfectionist who studied nonstop, put a significant amount of pressure on himself and felt that anything less than an A grade was a failure. These challenges have been a primary area of work within his therapy. [...]

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