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The Demise Of The Queen Bee

For years, teachers, parents, and after school specials have tried to encourage kids that being “cool” might not be so cool at all, that aspiring to be the Queen Bee or Homecoming King is a wasteful endeavor. Really though isn’t this just out-of-touch adults trying to make kids feel better about themselves because what teenager does [...]

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Finding Your Inner Walter White

No, I am not going to teach you how to make meth. Rather, today we are going to talk about rule-breaking behavior. You read that right…we are going to break the rules. Think about two accountants, both of whom have become aware of some discrepancies in their client’s books. The first one takes this very seriously [...]

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How Systems Define “Right” and “Wrong”

One of the theories that is hallmark to the social work profession is the systems theory, meaning the study and understanding of individuals within systems, that of family, peer relationships, work, religion, culture, community, globally. Think of a system as a mobile, like those that we hang above an infant’s bed. Pull one string and the [...]

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Self-Compassion: The New Self-Esteem

Often in my work, I encounter clients who downright have minuscule self-esteem. Their inner dialogue is nothing but a negative, critical soliloquy. And the question always arises, "How am I suppose to build my self-confidence?" And that is a difficult question indeed. Just how are we suppose to feel good about ourselves in a world of [...]

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Let It Go

No, I am not talking about the Disney movie, although I do apologize if you suddenly have that song stuck in your head. I am talking about all the past hurts you have experienced, the wrongs done to you, the unrealistic expectations, the bad habits, the illogical thoughts, the unhealthy relationships. It is human nature to [...]

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Be Happy: Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Happy New Year! As usual at this time of year, I am sure that you have thought about what you would like the year ahead to look like, what changes you would like to make. Think about your resolutions. Are your resolutions what you really want to do or are they what you think you "should" [...]

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Holidays And The Family: War Or Peace

The holidays are approaching and that means oh @#it family time! While the holidays can be a time of great joy, they can also be a time of great stress. No family is perfect and no matter how “normal” your family is there is bound to be some crazy here and there. Why is it that [...]

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