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Counting Orange Cars: Mindfulness Matters

Do you ever tire of others telling you to think about what you want, to focus on what you want to happen…the "I think I can" approach? My hairdresser is notorious for this. I am completely gray and have been since my earlier 30’s, it’s genetic…thanks dad. I always whine to him wondering why I shouldn’t [...]

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How Health Insurance Companies Are Screwing Your Providers And Therefore Screwing You As Well

Let’s face it, for health insurance companies, profit is the bottom line. And we’re not just talking about a few hundred dollars here. From 2009-2012 the profits of Health Care Service Corp, which is the parent company of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Montana, were over $1 Billion annually. Then [...]

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Going With The Flow: Lessons From A Hot Air Balloon

Last weekend, I traveled to Albuquerque for Balloon Fiesta, the largest hot air balloon festival in the world. Seeing hundreds of hot air balloons ascending was truly a spectacular sight. I was lucky enough to actually check an item off my bucket list, taking a hot air balloon ride within the festival. Since I hate heights [...]

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Life Lessons From The Beer Tent

Why…well, sometimes it’s hard to think of a weekly blog topic. Plus, why not have a little fun. A few weeks ago I volunteered to serve beer at a local festival to benefit an organization with which I am involved. This tiny microcosm showed me: Ask for what you want. If you don’t, the answer will [...]

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Tell Me More: A Powerful Tool

I was recently listening to a podcast with a segment about communicating with Alzheimer’s patients. It was discussing the use of the “yes and” technique from improv comedy. Basically this is a technique in which a comic joins and builds upon a skit. This is also what we in the mental health community refer to as [...]

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Daniel Tiger Teaches Children Social And Emotional Skills – Adults Should Listen Too

Daniel Tiger dons a red sweater just like Mister Rogers’ yet this animated show from PBS brings a different take to help young children learn social and emotional skills such as dealing with disappointment, anger, fear, and frustration or learning thankfulness, sharing, and empathy. I know adults who could use his guidance as well. Enjoy! “What [...]

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Do I Dare Say Something: Women, Speak Up, Interrupt

In a New York Magazine piece, Madeleine Albright recounts the experience of walking into her first Security Council meeting as Ambassador of the United States to the United Nations. She was the only woman in a room with 14 men and thought “Okay, so I’ll just see who’s who, and if they like me, and what [...]

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American-Aussie Kismet: A Friendship Tale

This is a story about friendship and life’s quirky twists. I’ve had many conversations with various friends over the years about the challenges of making new friends in adulthood. Friends from high school and college continue to be good friends yet some move away or life and children take over. You may see each other every [...]

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Kindness: A Good Place To Start

Today I thought I would talk about kindness, spurred by two recent incidents, which I encountered, one that involved kindness and one that did not. Let’s start with the good first. The last weekend of May I attended a conference in New Orleans. During one of our dinners out, at a highly rated and recommended restaurant, [...]

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