Using Screen Time To Help Kids Learn Self-Control

This week, I was talking with a parent who noted difficulties limiting their child’s television time this summer, with their child often responding in defiance. This is a common theme amongst parents and it made me think about the impact of technology and the ways that television viewing has changed since my childhood. So let me [...]

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Create Your “To-Be” List

Do you have a “to do” list? I know that I do. I am so busy that if a task is not on my list, chances are that I will forget to do it. Yet, I do not have a “to be” list, a list of those traits and qualities that I would like to guide [...]

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Going Old School With Your Kids This Summer

Last week, I was talking with a friend’s daughter and I asked about her summer plans and what camps she was going to attend. Well, the little cutie just smiled at me and said that her summer plans include sleeping late, getting to watch television in the morning, and playing all day, most often at the [...]

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Defiance In Children And Teens: Who’s The Boss

No, we are not talking about that 80's sitcom, although that was one of my favorites. Rather, we are talking about your home. Many times, I see parents seeking help because their children just do not seem to listen to them. Now, this issue could have a myriad of root causes but one that occurs all [...]

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Why So Much Stuff: The Kid Version

A recent Time magazine article The Joy Of Less noted that, “U.S. children make up just 3.1% of the global kid population, but American families buy 40% of the world’s toys.” It makes me feel better that I don’t buy my nieces toys (except for that Barbie with the pooping dog…read here for that fun blog.) [...]

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The Demise Of The Queen Bee

For years, teachers, parents, and after school specials have tried to encourage kids that being “cool” might not be so cool at all, that aspiring to be the Queen Bee or Homecoming King is a wasteful endeavor. Really though isn’t this just out-of-touch adults trying to make kids feel better about themselves because what teenager does [...]

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The Play Date Minefield

I was recently asked how to handle a situation when a parent does not want their child to go to the home of a friend for a play date. How do you explain that to your child? Hmmm, interesting question. I had to stop and think about that one and my thoughts might be surprising. First, [...]

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