Valentine’s Day Is Approaching, Let’s Talk About A Different, More Important V Word…Vulnerability

In Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead, she describes vulnerability as “uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.” How often do you find yourself having a conversation on a superficial level? How often do you expose only your “happy” self to the world? How [...]

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A New Year, A New You: Viewing Therapy From A Public Health Model

What comes to mind when you think of therapy? Is it lying on a couch week after week exploring your childhood? Do you think of disorders and mental health diagnoses? We can look towards the traditional “pathology model” for these stereotypes. Historically therapy has been driven by the “medical model,” that of evaluating and diagnosing pathology. [...]

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Kids And New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is often thought of as a fresh start, a new beginning, a time for change. New Year's resolutions are not just for adults, kids can benefit too. Creating their own resolutions can help kids with self-reflection, goal-setting, responsibility, self-discipline, and persistence. Here are some tips: 1. Make it a family affair. This allows [...]

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Helping Children Deal With The Loss Of A Pet

The loss of a pet, whether it be a fish, hamster, cat, or dog may be your child’s first experience with death. And it can be a significant loss. Children and pets are best friends. How many adorable photos are there online of babies cuddling with dogs? They just seem to go hand in hand. I [...]

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Tell Me More: A Powerful Tool

I was recently listening to a podcast with a segment about communicating with Alzheimer’s patients. It was discussing the use of the “yes and” technique from improv comedy. Basically this is a technique in which a comic joins and builds upon a skit. This is also what we in the mental health community refer to as [...]

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Daniel Tiger Teaches Children Social And Emotional Skills – Adults Should Listen Too

Daniel Tiger dons a red sweater just like Mister Rogers’ yet this animated show from PBS brings a different take to help young children learn social and emotional skills such as dealing with disappointment, anger, fear, and frustration or learning thankfulness, sharing, and empathy. I know adults who could use his guidance as well. Enjoy! “What [...]

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Public Shaming: Why It Shouldn’t Be A Parenting Tool

Technology has created many questions and challenges for parents today. How do you keep your kids safe from Internet predators? How much screen time is too much? At what age should you allow your child to have a cell phone, an email account, or a Facebook profile? But what about parental use of social media? Over [...]

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