Raising Money Savvy Kids

So, Hamilton will remain our “ten dollar founding father” and Harriet Tubman will be on the $20. Seems like a good week to talk about money...Oh, I made a rhyme! ;) “Mom, I want (insert item du jour).” How many times have you heard this? How do you respond? How do you teach kids that money [...]

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Pump It Up Blew It With Their Gender Stereotype

  If you have children, you are most likely familiar with Pump It Up, a popular destination for birthday parties with its’ inflatable indoor playgrounds. This post is not a diatribe against Pump It Up. Kids do love it. Rather, I want to continue the dialogue of the importance of encouraging children in all their interests [...]

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BIFF: No I Am Not Talking About Back To The Future (although that would be fun)

A few weeks ago, I talked about why people are drawn to "narcissistic" personalities. That same week I also happened to spend two days training for Parent Coordination, which is basically an intervention for high conflict divorced parents, who seem incapable of co-parenting. (Trust me, do everything you can to avoid this.) Two days of delving [...]

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Sustainability Strategies For Your Family: Being Green Is Not As Hard As Kermit Would Have You Believe

I recently attended a talk with Karen Weigert, former Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Chicago. Yes, Chicago has a Go Green office and our city is actually doing some great things. (Click here for Chicago's green initiatives.) One of the questions for Karen was how to involve children in the process of enhancing sustainable [...]

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Letting Your Kids Sell Themselves

Okay, I realize I could have worded that title differently. But give me a break…it’s hard to think of a catchy, attention grabbing title every week. So yes, you should let your kids sell themselves and by that I mean letting them sell the cookies, and popcorn, and candy, and all that jazz that parents know [...]

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