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The Hidden Impact Of The Gender Pay Gap

Today is Equal Pay Day, the day that symbolizes how far into the current year that women, on average need to work to make what men made in the previous year. Equal pay seems like a no-brainer. Why should someone be paid less for the same job solely based on gender? As it turns out, there [...]

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How Health Insurance Companies Are Screwing Your Providers And Therefore Screwing You As Well

Let’s face it, for health insurance companies, profit is the bottom line. And we’re not just talking about a few hundred dollars here. From 2009-2012 the profits of Health Care Service Corp, which is the parent company of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Montana, were over $1 Billion annually. Then [...]

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How Deflate-Gate Shows Tom Brady And Bridget Moynahan Getting Co-Parenting Right

In the course of Deflate-Gate, private emails between Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan were released. They are co-parents to their 8-year old son Jack. Although the release of private emails is disappointing and sad, the emails show how the two co-parents support each other and their son. Important, as the number one factor influencing how children [...]

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