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Letting Your Kids Sell Themselves

Okay, I realize I could have worded that title differently. But give me a break…it’s hard to think of a catchy, attention grabbing title every week. So yes, you should let your kids sell themselves and by that I mean letting them sell the cookies, and popcorn, and candy, and all that jazz that parents know [...]

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Going Old School With Your Kids This Summer

Last week, I was talking with a friend’s daughter and I asked about her summer plans and what camps she was going to attend. Well, the little cutie just smiled at me and said that her summer plans include sleeping late, getting to watch television in the morning, and playing all day, most often at the [...]

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Raising Well-Rounded Kids

Raising well-rounded kids means encouraging them to be who they are, explore their interests, build confidence and engage with others and their world. It does not mean participating in any and all activities just to add them to a list of accomplishments. It can be a difficult balancing act but here are some tips. 1. Engage [...]

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Tips To Be A Good Stage Mother

From Toddlers and Tiaras, to Dance Moms, to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, everyone has an opinion about these stage moms and it does make for good television. No matter your thoughts, some children do want to be involved in performance arts such as television, film, modeling and pageants. And there are good stages moms, and [...]

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