Self-Compassion: The New Self-Esteem

Often in my work, I encounter clients who downright have minuscule self-esteem. Their inner dialogue is nothing but a negative, critical soliloquy. And the question always arises, "How am I suppose to build my self-confidence?" And that is a difficult question indeed. Just how are we suppose to feel good about ourselves in a world of [...]

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Let It Go

No, I am not talking about the Disney movie, although I do apologize if you suddenly have that song stuck in your head. I am talking about all the past hurts you have experienced, the wrongs done to you, the unrealistic expectations, the bad habits, the illogical thoughts, the unhealthy relationships. It is human nature to [...]

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Be Happy: Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Happy New Year! As usual at this time of year, I am sure that you have thought about what you would like the year ahead to look like, what changes you would like to make. Think about your resolutions. Are your resolutions what you really want to do or are they what you think you "should" [...]

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Positive Thinking: Overrated?

We have all heard the tale of the Little Engine That Could. We have all heard, from friends, family, the media, our therapists, how positive thinking can have positive implications for all life areas including work performance, goal achievement, marital satisfaction, emotional health, and even physical health. I work with clients all the time on changing [...]

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Anxiety = Happiness

What?! Yes, you did read the title correctly. Although, full disclosure, of course the relationship between anxiety and happiness is not that simple or straightforward. But I did get your attention did I not? I recently read "What Happy People Do Differently" in Psychology Today. And I thought it fitting, as a new year brings new [...]

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What Your Therapist Wants You To Know

Check out my quotes in this slideshow on Healthgrades "13 Things Your Therapist Wants You To Know." My quotes were taken from this top 10 list of what I believe is important for you to know before beginning therapy. 1. It’s okay to shop around. The relationship with your therapist is a significant part of therapy, [...]

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The Benefits Of Mixed Emotions

"Emotional ambiguity can be difficult in the moment, but embracing it over time reaps greater rewards than a blanket "think positive" approach. Negative experiences are inevitable, and a coping strategy that accommodates nuance can mitigate the psychological damage of sadness and help people find meaning and value in life - even at the worst times." Friedman, [...]

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