Helicopter Parenting: A Bad Recipe For Your Marriage

You have heard the unfortunate statistic that approximately half of all marriages end in divorce. Yet what about the other half? Are they happy? This might not be the most uplifting topic yet it warrants discussion. In a Psychology Today article Child-ol'-a-try John Gartner, PhD defines child-ol'-a-try as "the worship of one's children at the expense of [...]

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Guest Blog For Divorced Girl Smiling: Co-Parenting Tips

I recently launched a new co-parent coaching program I affectionately call Co-Parent Boot Camp to help parents who are separated or divorced manage the pitfalls of co-parenting and develop more effective co-parenting strategies. In response, a wonderful and talented writer that I know Jackie Philossoph asked if I would write a guest blog for her blog [...]

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Separating Or Divorcing: Helping Your Child Or Teen Weather The Storm

To mark the launch of my new co-parenting boot camp/ coaching program, I thought I would repost this blog, which I had originally posted in another forum. Separation or divorce is stressful for parents and children alike. This is a significant change to the family system and children and teens often struggle emotionally and behaviorally. They [...]

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