Change: Why It Can Be So Hard

For everyone, there are things we would like to do more of, or do less of, or do differently. Whether it is eating healthy, or stopping smoking, or being more patient, or ending your marriage, or changing careers. Professionals working with clients on any type of change realize that change is a marathon and not a [...]

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BIFF: No I Am Not Talking About Back To The Future (although that would be fun)

A few weeks ago, I talked about why people are drawn to "narcissistic" personalities. That same week I also happened to spend two days training for Parent Coordination, which is basically an intervention for high conflict divorced parents, who seem incapable of co-parenting. (Trust me, do everything you can to avoid this.) Two days of delving [...]

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Conspiracy Theories Big And Small: Yes, I Know The TV Is Talking To Me

A Psychology Today article on conspiracy theories triggered my thinking on this and I thought it an intriguing topic for today. Did Lee Harvey Oswald really assassinate President Kennedy independently? Are aliens hidden in Area 51? I am sure that you have encountered someone who was certain that another was out to get them…a friend certain [...]

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Top 10 Reasons To Mediate Your Divorce

In my last post I noted that January is referred to as “divorce month,” the time when the most people reach out to seek information about divorce. The first step is recognizing that there are different ways to divorce. Yes, there are different ways and your process choice may be by far your most important choice. [...]

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Dealing With Emotional Triggers

The work that I do is often contentious and filled with emotional triggers, whether in couples therapy, family therapy, divorce mediation, or a collaborative divorce. My clients are often at their worst point emotionally and struggle to manage these intense feelings. Time and time again, I see people being emotionally triggered and lashing out defensively. While [...]

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How Deflate-Gate Shows Tom Brady And Bridget Moynahan Getting Co-Parenting Right

In the course of Deflate-Gate, private emails between Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan were released. They are co-parents to their 8-year old son Jack. Although the release of private emails is disappointing and sad, the emails show how the two co-parents support each other and their son. Important, as the number one factor influencing how children [...]

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The Summer Of Love’s End: How Not To Be Next

This summer has seen Jen and Ben, Miranda and Blake, Gwen and Gavin, and even Miss Piggy and Kermit announcing their divorces. Celebrities are human beings after all and struggle with the same challenges as us mere mortals. John Gottman is one of the foremost researchers and clinicians in the areas of marriage and relationships and [...]

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