Kids And New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is often thought of as a fresh start, a new beginning, a time for change. New Year's resolutions are not just for adults, kids can benefit too. Creating their own resolutions can help kids with self-reflection, goal-setting, responsibility, self-discipline, and persistence. Here are some tips: 1. Make it a family affair. This allows [...]

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Using Screen Time To Help Kids Learn Self-Control

This week, I was talking with a parent who noted difficulties limiting their child’s television time this summer, with their child often responding in defiance. This is a common theme amongst parents and it made me think about the impact of technology and the ways that television viewing has changed since my childhood. So let me [...]

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The Demise Of The Queen Bee

For years, teachers, parents, and after school specials have tried to encourage kids that being “cool” might not be so cool at all, that aspiring to be the Queen Bee or Homecoming King is a wasteful endeavor. Really though isn’t this just out-of-touch adults trying to make kids feel better about themselves because what teenager does [...]

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Raising Well-Rounded Kids

Raising well-rounded kids means encouraging them to be who they are, explore their interests, build confidence and engage with others and their world. It does not mean participating in any and all activities just to add them to a list of accomplishments. It can be a difficult balancing act but here are some tips. 1. Engage [...]

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Stop Working, Start Daydreaming

How many times have you told your kids to snap out of it, focus, pay attention, stop daydreaming? Or how many times have you been told this yourself? Of course, excessive inattention and daydreaming can be detrimental. Yet maybe it is time to rethink our thoughts about daydreaming. Maybe we should be setting aside time to [...]

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Toddlers And Their Picky Eating Habits

Recently a friend of mine said that her toddler was in a "beige" phase, meaning that he would only eat beige food. Now, that is an interesting color to choose. Yet, what parent has not had their toddler refuse to eating anything besides mac-and-cheese or chicken fingers. Toddlers are notoriously picky eaters. In fact, they are [...]

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