3 Hidden Tricks To Make A Good First Impression

I was recently reading a Psychology Today article about first impressions. Whether on a first date or a job interview, we know the obvious such as dress well, smile, make eye contact, etc. Yet this article went on to discuss research findings that may not be so obvious, particularly ways that our environment can affect how [...]

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BIFF: No I Am Not Talking About Back To The Future (although that would be fun)

A few weeks ago, I talked about why people are drawn to "narcissistic" personalities. That same week I also happened to spend two days training for Parent Coordination, which is basically an intervention for high conflict divorced parents, who seem incapable of co-parenting. (Trust me, do everything you can to avoid this.) Two days of delving [...]

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Conspiracy Theories Big And Small: Yes, I Know The TV Is Talking To Me

A Psychology Today article on conspiracy theories triggered my thinking on this and I thought it an intriguing topic for today. Did Lee Harvey Oswald really assassinate President Kennedy independently? Are aliens hidden in Area 51? I am sure that you have encountered someone who was certain that another was out to get them…a friend certain [...]

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Valentine’s Day Is Approaching, Let’s Talk About A Different, More Important V Word…Vulnerability

In Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead, she describes vulnerability as “uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.” How often do you find yourself having a conversation on a superficial level? How often do you expose only your “happy” self to the world? How [...]

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Dealing With Emotional Triggers

The work that I do is often contentious and filled with emotional triggers, whether in couples therapy, family therapy, divorce mediation, or a collaborative divorce. My clients are often at their worst point emotionally and struggle to manage these intense feelings. Time and time again, I see people being emotionally triggered and lashing out defensively. While [...]

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Tell Me More: A Powerful Tool

I was recently listening to a podcast with a segment about communicating with Alzheimer’s patients. It was discussing the use of the “yes and” technique from improv comedy. Basically this is a technique in which a comic joins and builds upon a skit. This is also what we in the mental health community refer to as [...]

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The Summer Of Love’s End: How Not To Be Next

This summer has seen Jen and Ben, Miranda and Blake, Gwen and Gavin, and even Miss Piggy and Kermit announcing their divorces. Celebrities are human beings after all and struggle with the same challenges as us mere mortals. John Gottman is one of the foremost researchers and clinicians in the areas of marriage and relationships and [...]

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Do I Dare Say Something: Women, Speak Up, Interrupt

In a New York Magazine piece, Madeleine Albright recounts the experience of walking into her first Security Council meeting as Ambassador of the United States to the United Nations. She was the only woman in a room with 14 men and thought “Okay, so I’ll just see who’s who, and if they like me, and what [...]

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