Behavioral Difficulties

/Behavioral Difficulties

Defiance In Children And Teens: Who’s The Boss

No, we are not talking about that 80's sitcom, although that was one of my favorites. Rather, we are talking about your home. Many times, I see parents seeking help because their children just do not seem to listen to them. Now, this issue could have a myriad of root causes but one that occurs all [...]

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Toddlers And Their Picky Eating Habits

Recently a friend of mine said that her toddler was in a "beige" phase, meaning that he would only eat beige food. Now, that is an interesting color to choose. Yet, what parent has not had their toddler refuse to eating anything besides mac-and-cheese or chicken fingers. Toddlers are notoriously picky eaters. In fact, they are [...]

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Teach Rather Than Criticize

A significant factor in both relationship satisfaction and individual mental health is the individual's perceived level of criticism. More criticism = less satisfaction. So how we frame criticism, whether to a child, a spouse or a work colleague, matters. The good news is, a simple switch in perspective and language can make a big impact. Instead [...]

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Preventing Reckless Behavior In Teens

Every parent fears the teenage years...rebellion, the increase of peer influence, sexual development, and separating from parents. Well, the bad news is that these things will happen no matter what, as identify formation is the psychological task of the teen years. Yet the good news is that parents do have great influence over their teen's choices. [...]

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Tips To Help Children Deal With Bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Most people have been teased at some point in their lives, so what is the difference between teasing and bullying and what is the big deal? When the teasing is meant to be harmful, becomes repetitive and begins to have a negative impact on the person being teased, it crosses [...]

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