Business Consultation

Increase Your Profits by focusing on your most valuable assets…yourself and your people. You invest in what you do, what about how you do what you do. That is why you need business consultation.

Personality and interpersonal dynamics account for 60% of success, that is 2x MORE than skill set.

Increase Your Productivity by enhancing your work environment and interpersonal relationships. Leaders and human resource manages know the worth of this investment. Consultation include various groups, such as executives, managers, or teams, within your organization. Sample seminars include:

  • When Nice Folks Morph into Norman Bates: Managing High Conflict People and Situations
  • Emotional Engagement and Social Savvy: Using Emotional Intelligence to Rocket to the Top
  • Your Ego Can Handle It: Mastering the Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • OCEAN: The Only Leadership Principle You Need to Know to Unlock the Key to Success
  • From Millennials to Boomers: Tapping into the Strengths of a Multigenerational Workforce
  • Authenticity: A Buzzword Worthy of all the Buzz but What Does It Mean Anyway

Increase Your Value by honing your leadership skills. We begin with an initial assessment of your current work responsibilities, goals, motivations, values, strengths, and weaknesses. Through questionnaires, you will gain insight into the 5 Factors of Leadership, the 5 Factors of Emotional Intelligence, and the 5 Conflict Resolution Personality Styles. We will then set concrete short and long term goals tailored specifically for you, as well as an action plan including how to measure progress towards your goals.

Why Choose Us

Paulette Janus, LCSW brings her unique background of psychology and conflict resolution to help those in business, from executives to entrepreneurs, excel. This background is what sets Janus Behavioral Health Services apart from other business consultants.

What Clients Say

Paulette helped me develop strategies for time management and delegating tasks, freeing me to focus on my priorities. I am more effective, do not take work home as often, and feel less stressed and irritable (my wife can attest to that!).

Individual Business Consultation Client