What?! Yes, you did read the title correctly. Although, full disclosure, of course the relationship between anxiety and happiness is not that simple or straightforward. But I did get your attention did I not?

I recently read “What Happy People Do Differently” in Psychology Today. And I thought it fitting, as a new year brings new goals and what better one than to try to live just a little bit happier.

The article cited research indicating curiosity as a trait of happy people noting that curious individuals often report the most satisfaction with life. Yet curiosity (i.e. exploring or engaging in the unknown or uncomfortable) is “fundamentally an anxious state.” Interesting. Yet it makes sense. If you always engage in the familiar, you will never be uncomfortable yet you also will never have new experiences. So go ahead. Try a new type of cuisine. Or try a new activity. Sure, you might not like it but at the same time, you might just find your new favorite thing.

Leave a comment about what you decide to try and your experiences.