There have been many posts about this movie. And I have debated whether or not to comment. I have read the books, but I will not be seeing the movie…honestly, I read a lot and I often read bestsellers just to see what the hype is about. I think this is an important topic and I do not think it wise of me to not post just because many others have. So, I am adding my voice in a simple, no frills manner…

You would think we were all a bunch of 5-year olds on Christmas morning, waiting for the day that “50 Shades of Grey” graced movie theaters. Yet, just what are we unwrapping?

An adult who was abused and neglected as a child, must be in control, and has difficulty forming trusting, secure relationships…that is a narcissist with an attachment disorder.

Showing up at someone’s workplace unannounced when they never told you where they work, tracking their whereabouts by GPS…that is stalking.

Controlling how often your partner exercises, what they should eat, who they can talk to or spend time with…that is psychological/emotional abuse.

Sexual acts that inflict pain beyond the other person’s comfort level, even within an S&M relationship…that is physical abuse.

Sexual acts after the other person says, “no”…that is rape.

A “happily ever after” ending fostering the belief that you can “fix” the other person…that is delusional, and dangerous.

This movie is not about exploring sexuality or even spicing it up in the bedroom…by all means, go ahead with that…but let’s not mix apples and oranges…this movie is about an abusive relationship. That is the bottom line. Even if it is wrapped in six-pack abs, stunningly good looks, power, wealth, and a private helicopter…it is still an abusive relationship. I could take my dog’s s*#t and wrap it in the most beautiful way yet it would still be my dog’s s*#t.

Two weeks after a commercial, promoting domestic violence awareness, ran for the first time during the Super Bowl, we now flock to a movie that wraps an abusive relationship in the package of romance. Excuse me while I go vomit.