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Welcome to JANUS Behavioral Health Services, a multifaceted behavioral health practice with offices located in Chicago. I am dedicated to providing the highest standard of psychotherapy services, conflict resolution interventions, and business consultation. 

Janus is a Roman God depicted with two faces representing transitions, beginnings and endings, and the past and the future. I believe symbolic of the work that I do and it also harkens to my Italian heritage. In my logo, did you see the two faces within the optical illusion of the tree? A hallmark of my practice is recognizing that how we perceive our world and those around us informs our reality.

I realize that the road of life can be a difficult journey and that everyone needs support sometimes. I have helped individuals and families overcome a variety of life stressors, achieve personal growth and professional goals, and continue successfully on their journey.

Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.” 

- Doug Firebaugh


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